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Our Vision

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Healing Through Him Ministries is on a mission to build a hidden tiny house village for domestic abuse victims here in the Texas Panhandle for women and their children.  Even their animals!  We provide biblical counseling for the women and children suffering the effects of domestic violence.  In addition, we provide Biblical counseling for the men who have committed these violent acts against their families and see their need for change.

Our mission is to destroy the cycle of abuse that often continues for generations.

My name is Jessica Bradfield, President and founder of Healing Through Him Ministries. I am a domestic abuse survivor. Through my journey of healing and redemption from domestic abuse, both in my childhood and as an adult, I have been given a dream to come alongside domestic abuse victims that the Lord brings our way. I desire to offer the same transformational biblical healing offered to me during that difficult season.

Phase 1: The tiny house building project we are currently raising funds for, is for women who are in crisis, who need a safe place to find refuge. Statistically, 75% of all domestic abuse murders occur when a victim is attempting to leave her abusive partner, or shortly thereafter. Children and pets will also be taken into safety! A large number of children and pets suffer in the plight of these dangerous circumstances.

Phase 2: This will be a separate property in the Amarillo area designated for women, children, and their pets who have escaped the danger and are seeking to rebuild their lives.

Once the build out is completed, our future desire is to provide self-defense
classes, life skills classes, parenting classes, art therapy, and much more to equip these ladies and assist them for a new start!

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Schedule a speaking engagement at your church, or women's bible study, where we can provide valuable insights and education on the resources available and the profound impact of domestic abuse and its long-term repercussions, for women, children and animals directly affected and for those who serve as support and helpers.

Call 806-231-1087

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